Independent raised their prices for 2007, but we had kept ours the same for the last 2 years, so sadly I have had to slightly raise our prices as well. We are still the best priced IF dealer out there! If you find a better price on a new custom IF, let us know and we'll beat the price hands down every time. There is no other ride like an IF!!!! Just named dream bike of the year again. And in case you forgot, all of IF's tubes are custom drawn and butted for each individual frame. Unlike other custom builders who use the same tube butted tube for 50cm frame and a 60cm frame. That's why IF's frames are simply the best.

Ti Crown Jewel. The ti Crown Jewel is the world's first shot peened titanium frame. This significantly improves the fatigue life of the frame while removing stress. The Ti Crown Jewel is the only titanium road frame that comes with four fork offsets in carbon for that ultimate fit to your ride. The price ($3145.00) of your new Titanium Crown Jewel frame and fork includes all size tube, geometry changes and painted panels on the frame's down tube and seat tube and assembly of the components that you decide upon. Carbon Seat stay option is $200.00.

Steel Crown Jewel. The Steel Crown Jewel is truly culturally diverse. It is built with tubes from Italy, England and Memphis, home of Mud Island and the King, Elvis Presley. This great variety of size specific tubing allows Independent Fabrication to build a frame that is stiff where you'd expect it to be and comfortable where you want it. With the custom steel fork it is a great blend that smoothly propels you down the road. Famous for its crisp handling, the Steel Crown Jewel can turn the tightest curves into straight lines. The Steel Crown Jewel is $1,700.00 including assembly with the components of your choice.

Ti Deluxe. The Ti Deluxe is made with the best titanium tubing available. The tubing is then butted to Independent Fabrication's specifications to save weight and give you the smoothest ride available in a hard tail. The Ti Deluxe is $2,750.00 including assembly of the components of your choice. We have a new 2006 model with the new decal design and one of the new soon to be 2007 colors, picture to follow soon.

Steel Deluxe. The Steel Deluxe is available in 13 different sizes and is one of the lightest steel hard tails in production. As Independent Fabrication puts it, (they) "are confident that 'Steel is real' and not disappearing from the onslaught of other frame materials." The Steel Deluxe is built to turn the toughest of trails into pussycats. The Steel Deluxe is only $1,450.00 including the assembly with the components of your choice.

Steel Club Racer. The Steel Club Racer is one of the most versatile bicycles around. It can mix it up in tight group sprints, ride double centuries, or just commute. Designed with the same sizing and geometry as the Crown Jewel, the Club Racer differs in that it has a taller front fork, longer chain stays and larger tire clearance. The Club Racer come standard with rack and fender braze-ons for the spontaneous weekend getaway. The Club Racer is $1,650.00 with steel fork and assembly, just add the component of your choice.

Steel Planet Cross. The Steel Planet Cross is simply one fast racing machine! It has consistently finished in the top 10 positions for most of the Super Cups and national races. Independent Fabrication's bridgeless chainstay design helps to avoid the accumulation of mud to keep you moving forward. The Steel Planet Cross purposely has a tall head tube to provide ample shoulder room to quickly carry your bike over the barriers on your way to victory. The Steel Planet Cross is $1,700.00 with steel fork and $2000.00 with the TT Alpha Q Carbon fork and assembly. All you need now are the components of your choice.

Ti Planet Cross. The Ti Planet Cross is simply the ultimate cross bike. Just like the Steel Planet Cross but truly custom sized for you. The Ti Planet Cross is $3145.00 with an Independent Fabrication custom steel fork or $3,350.00 with the TT Alpha Q Carbon fork and of course assembly is included. All you need now are the components of your choice.

Steel Independence. The Steel Independence is just as the name implies, the bicycle you can live on as you show your "Independent" thinking. The expedition level tube set we use in this frame and fork is for the added weight of fully loaded racks and panniers. Designed for the long haul, it just begs to be ridden across the world. The Steel Independence is $1,650.00 with Independent's Steel Fork and assembly. All you need now are the components of your choice.

Single speed options are available upon request.

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