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2005 Azonic Gravity DH: Call or Email (frame only)

Downhill frame made of 6061 and 7005 Alcoa heat-treated aluminum

4-bar linkage with sealed bearing pivots

Horst Link pivot fully active when pedaling or braking

Custom vlaves Manitou SPV coil over shock with 10" of rear travel

Vertical dropouts (replaceable derailleur hanger)

31.6 mm seatpost binderbolt built in (seat post not included)

Color: Black


2005 Azonic Steelhead: Call or Email (frame only)

4130 CroMO steel urban assault frame with nifty headbadge

Adjustable rim brake bosses to fit either 24" or 26" wheel

51mm International Standard Disc brake mount

ISCG chain guide mount on english bottom bracket shell

27.2mm seatpost diameter (seatpost collar not included)

Horizontal dropouts with replaceable derailleur hanger


2005 Azonic Eliminator DH: Call or Email (frame only)

Loads of suspension for Downhill racing with 8.5" of rear travel

Made of 6061 and 7075 Alcoa heat-treated aluminum

4 bar linkage system, sealed bearing pivots, 90 different adjustments for suspension and travel

Strong box swing arm for improved stability

Fox Vanilla RC piggyback coil-over-oil shock

31.6 mm seatpost not included (seat collar built-in)

Frame weight: 11 lbs







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